County Line Orchard Knows How to Party!

It was a wild Friday night at the County Line Orchard! The Annual Trick or Treat Event at County Line was in full swing that evening, and everyone came dressed for the occasion! County Line Orchard got together with the local area Kiwanis Clubs to plan the event, and there was tons to see, do, and eat.

Over a hundred businesses were there in booths that they each sponsored. They had a great time networking and handing out candy to the kids as they trick or treated the night away. There was also live music, delicious food, a costume contest, tractor rides, rides on the Boo Choo Train, and a whole lot more. How awesome does that sound? The event was free to the public, and families showed up in droves.

John Peterson, a member of the Portage Kiwanis was handing out candy at one of the many booths in the long trick or treat line that snaked around the large main barn at County Line Orchard.

“Our focus is on the kids and families. So we’re here to make sure that everyone has a good time and say hi to everybody. It’s a beautiful night,” Peterson said with a smile.

Though it was quite cold out, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. I caught up with Ryan Richardson, Co-owner and farmer at County Line Orchard and he happily gave me his thoughts on the event.

“This is our fifth Annual Trick or Treat night. It’s like our year end wrap up where we give thanks to the local communities and create a safe, family friendly environment for trick or treating. It gets everyone together and we get a great response and it’s a great time for families when the come out,” Richardson said. “This definitely tops last year’s turnout. Each year we get a few more tables and get a lot more candy and add to it. We’ll probably give away two dump trucks full of candy tonight.”

The night was a success as expected between 4000 and 5000 people showed up to enjoy the fun and everyone left satisfied, riddled with candy, and with the thought of next year’s Trick or Treat Event at County Line Orchard.

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