Courtney Magill: Loving the Region, Learning the Real Estate Business w/ the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty

Courtney Magill: Loving the Region, Learning the Real Estate Business w/ the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: February 28, 2017

As a newly-minted Buyer’s Specialist on the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty, Courtney Magill is enjoying her first steps into real estate after joining the company in January.

Magill, who carries a Bachelor's Degree from Drexel University, moved to the region from Bloomington, Illinois with her family in July and, not long after, she decided to take her first steps into real estate.

“This is all new for me,” said Magill. “I’ve been home with my kids for years now and I really wanted to have something where I could work outside the home and have it be flexible at the same time so that I don’t have to miss out on important things happening in their lives, and be there when they need me.”

In October, Magill began taking online courses that prepared her for the required exam, which she passed on her first try in December.

“I really wanted to get in and get it done so that I could start working as soon as possible,” she said. “I got it done really quickly and passed the exam on my first try, which I hear is rare. I’m a very competitive person so I was going to pass it the first time.”

“I love to learn new things,” she added, “and, as I am competitive, when I set a goal I will finish it!”

Last summer, as Magill and her family were looking to relocate to Valparaiso she had the pleasure of working with Boulder Bay during their home buying process. This was her first introduction to the company and how they work to help make the process as smooth as possible.

“When we moved up here we bought our home with Lynda Anderson so that definitely drew me to come back here,” Magill said of when she was looking to enter the job market. “We had such a good experience in buying with them.”

“I loved how they worked as a team and everybody contributes, and helps out during the whole buying experience,” she added.

In choosing to apply and pursue a career with Boulder Bay, Magill harkened back to those experiences she had as a client in making that decision.

“I really like how everybody works together as opposed to being on your own,” Magill said. “There’s always somebody that you can go to if you need help or assistance of any kind. Especially because I’m new and learning, it definitely helps to have a team behind you. It’s been great!”

“I love houses so it’s been interesting to see old ones and new ones,” she added. “Lynda (Anderson) has been great in helping to make getting into the business easier.”

Having moved to the area recently means that networking and building relationships will be an important part of Magill’s plan towards the future. Also, working as a buyer’s specialist with Boulder Bay is just the first of many steps that Magill will be taking to build her career as a well-rounded, independent agent.

“It’s hard getting established in a new area and I decided to just take a different route with things. I wanted to get back out into the working world and start up a new career. Right now, I just want to focus on learning. Eventually, I want to be an independent agent so I can do everything but for right now I want to focus on one side of buying and selling at a time. That way I can be a stronger agent.”

So far, living in, and getting to know, Northwest Indiana has been a big highlight for Magill and her family.

“I love it!” Magill said. “We love being close to the lake and the kids love the beach. We’re close to Chicago, not far from Indy, and we have all the best stuff around us. I love that we can just go up to Chicago whenever we want.”