‘Create Play Repeat’ Site Launch Spotlights the Best in Michigan City

‘Create Play Repeat’ Site Launch Spotlights the Best in Michigan City
By: Anna Ortiz Last Updated: January 10, 2018

From exotic animals to talented artists, Michigan City is a hub of unique attractions and creativity here on the South Shore. That’s why Michigan City community members have teamed up with a local media company to launch a website that would put a spotlight on what makes this community an intriguing gem in Northwest Indiana.

The site, www.createplayrepeat.com, launched just this week, and Richard Murphy, Michigan City Controller, sees it's premiere as part of the exciting rejuvenation going on in the community.

“Creatplayrepeat.com is an exciting new interactive website that seeks to promote the unique lifestyle brand of Michigan City, Indiana,” Murphy said. “‘Create Play Repeat’ depicts the Michigan City comeback that we see unfolding right now. Our downtown has come back. There is a buzz in our community and we feel the market is looking to Michigan City to be the next big investment opportunity on Lake Michigan. Investors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and artisans are fueling the movement. Createplayrepeat.com tells their stories and captures the energy they have brought to our community. They are the star of the show. We help them by telling their stories and in turn they help us to promote Michigan City.”


Murphy said his favorite aspect of the site is that it features local small businesses and the people who run them. As the year goes, on, more and more content will be continually added to the site with more events,  businesses, attractions, places and people featured in Michigan City.

“It tells their stories of their hard work and their dreams, whether they are a small business, a brewery, a restaurant, an art gallery- we highlight them and then we use their story to promote the best of Michigan City,” Murphy said. “Also, it illustrates our secret weapon, so to speak: Michigan City, Indiana can deliver everything that our neighbors up in Michigan can, and more. You can get what you came for here and not have to travel beyond Michigan City. Whether it’s the small-town waterfront, the stunning beauty of Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes, great friendly people, delicious food and drink, rich arts and culture, or cool up-and-coming neighborhoods that are walking distance from the South Shore Railroad, there's a lot going on. And with our proximity to Chicago, you can have it all, the best of the small town and the big town when you want it. We think this is a lifestyle that resonates with the marketplace.”

In the end, the new site will open doors for Michigan City to grow as a sought-after destination for visitors and homeowners alike.

“Createplayrepeat.com speaks to a new economic development philosophy in the marketplace,” Murphy said. “In today’s world, people highly value quality of life. More and more in the future, people will live and work where they want to be. ‘Create Play Repeat’ embodies the lifestyle brand we have in Michigan City. ‘Create’ is our creative energy, ‘Play’ is recreation aspect, and ‘Repeat’ is the lifestyle that can be achieved by doing it over and over again.”