Creating a Stronger Community with GIS Family Safety Day

Creating a Stronger Community with GIS Family Safety Day

The General Insurance Services (GIS) Family Safety Day was a fun filled and educational event held at the Washington Township Fire Department late Saturday morning. The mission of the event was to raise awareness to the community about safety. The day’s activities began with car seat checks, driving stimulators, creating first aid kits, high voltage demonstrations, station tours, and, of course, food. Later on, a medical helicopter even landed, which made an impressive sight. Many people were awed as they anticipated its appearance. The community event was a great opportunity for people to engage in learning activities and to gain valuable knowledge that could impact their lives one day.

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The Marketing Coordinator at GIS, Kara Moon, explained how important the community and their safety is to GIS.

“What we really wanted to do was to put something on for the community and give back to the community. Our mission is to secure the future of the communities we serve” Moon explained. “We partnered with local agencies and the fire department to bring some of these safety activities and how it relates to insurance. We bring information that could really save somebodies life, which directly impacts our mission.”

The valuable information that people gained from this event could truly be lifesaving. Personal Lines Manager, Stephanie Domazet, agreed with Moon on how significant it is to raise awareness in the community on the subject of safety.

“I hope this event brings awareness to people. There are so many accidents occurring. You think you have control over it and you really don’t. Hopefully people really stop and think,” Domazet said. “By making sure that everybody is aware of those things they can maybe prevent them.”

The driving stimulators and high voltage demonstrations impacted a lot of minds. No matter what age, there was something new for everyone to learn. Robert Robinson, an attendee, explained how the activities are helpful to everyone.

“I think the event will be very beneficial to our community” Robinson said. “I think a lot of people will be a lot smarter and a lot safer if they know what they are supposed to do, instead of what they think they’re supposed to do.”

The GIS Family Safety Day is the start of something beneficial that will continue to grow and reach communities in the future.

“The first event for the year. We’re hoping to make it an annual event” Domazet explained. “One of the biggest things we can do is sell policies to protect people but also to help them prevent those things. The event benefits everybody. It benefits the community and they make everybody stronger.”

The exciting and activity-packed day, brought a lot of knowledge to community members. One can never know enough. There is always something beneficial to learn that could help prevent an accident or save a life. Thanks to GIS, Washington Township Fire Department, Kankakee Valley REMC, and State Auto this wonderful event was a success for growing communities.

As Moon concluded, “We’re more than just insurance agents. We live in this community. We work in this community. If we can give back to that community then it is a win-win for everyone.”