Crowdfunding campaign launched for “Tennis Renaissance”

Crowdfunding campaign launched for “Tennis Renaissance”

$20,000 goal to receive a matching grant through IHCDA’s CreatINg Places initiative 

La Porte residents will soon have new places to recreate outdoors thanks to the recently launched crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and offered through the crowdfunding platform developed by Patronicity. The campaign is led by the La Porte Park Foundation.

“We are excited to create a resurgence in tennis participation in our community in order to deliver better health and wellness for residents,” City of La Porte Park Superintendent Mark Schreiber said. “Providing quality facilities is the first step in the process, especially returning tennis courts to our neighborhoods.”

“Providing space to stay active is so important to the quality of life in a community,” said Bridget Anderson, Director at Partonicity. “By asking the community to invest in these courts, this campaign will help connect residents and improve opportunities for health and wellness.”

If the campaign reaches its $20,000 goal by October 8, the La Porte Park Foundation will receive a matching grant of $20,000 from IHCDA's CreatINg Places program. Donations can be made, along with finding more details about the project, at

The funds raised will be used to renovate and refresh tennis courts at the Bill Reed Tennis Complex in Kesling Park and Rumely Park. The Park Department is also constructing a new court at Allesee Park. Ultimately, tennis will be introduced during the Summer Playground program and the department will find ways to get equipment – racquets and balls – to lower income youth and families.

The renovations at the Kesling Park courts also include the addition of dedicated pickleball courts. Pickleball, played with wooden paddles on a smaller court, has been increasing in popularity, especially among residents age 55 or older.

“Playing tennis or pickleball is a great way to improve physical fitness for youth and adults,” Schreiber said. “Playing on a regular basis can help develop hand-eye coordination and improve speed, balance, strength and flexibility. And all it takes is a friend and a couple of racquets and balls.”

The CreatINg Places program is available to projects located in Indiana communities. Non-profit entities (with 501c3 or 501c4 status) and Local Units of Government are eligible to apply.

Eligible projects must have a minimum total development cost of $10,000, where the recipient will receive $5,000 in IHCDA matching funds should they successfully raise $5,000 through Patronicity. IHCDA will provide matching grant funds up to $50,000 per project.