Culver’s Helps Raise Funds for 4H and Support for Local Farmers

By: Samantha Malkowski Last Updated: June 13, 2015

The Culver's of Valparaiso hosted two very special guests today. A dairy cow and a calf helped the restaurant raise funds for the 4H club. Their visit helped to spread awareness and support for local farmers and the use of fresh produce in our city's restaurants.

"Culver's of Valparaiso & Schererville prides themselves for giving back to the community," says Office Manager Denny Dalka. "We support our local communities by hosting benefit days, such as this, to be able to assist the organizations in raising funds for whatever they may need."

The proceeds from the event went to Culver's' partners: the 4H club and dairy farmer Dean Morrow. Without donations, these organizations would not be able to do things like attend the county fair or update farm technologies. Right now Morrow’s farm is adjusting to a new breeding system that transplants embryos. The technology means that much more dairy will be available to local citizens, but the process is very expensive.

Between the delicious custard that farms provide, the fresh chicken on the sandwiches, and the fun games set up by employees, Culver’s understands how to throw a benefit. “We came here for the good food and the family fun,” said Sierra Crane. She and her family sat amongst the games booths, getting pumped for bucket tosses and cardboard fishing.

The cows were in a great mood and posed with eager attendees. A young boy named Adam Anderson described the cows as, “Rough. But I want to touch them again!”

Other guests were just as excited about raising money as they were about petting the cows. Elise McCord stated that the event, “Gets people involved in raising money that wouldn’t normally be. 4H Club really needs the support, but most people don’t realize that. They don’t realize all that the 4H does.”

On this day, people were able to get the chance to learn about the 4H, and about the cows who support it!