Culver’s of Valparaiso Flavors of the Week: April 1-, 2014

Reopening-Feb-2014-2For those of you who who know and love Culver's of Valparaiso, you know that there is a different flavor of the day for their delicious frozen custard and a new daily feature. Here is a week's worth of Flavor's of the day so that you will know when your favorite flavors and features will be available!

Head over to Culver's of Valparaiso now! The extra friendly staff will be happy to provide you with the best frozen custard around!

Sunday: March 30

  • Flavor of the Day: Toffee Pecan

Monday: March 31

  • Flavor of the Day: Raspberry Chocolate Marshmallow


Tuesday: April 1

  • Flavor of the Day: Boston Cream
  • Daily Feature: Taco Salad with Chicken

Wednesday: April 2

  • Flavor of the Day: Turtle Dove

Thursday: April 3

  • Flavor of the Day: Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Daily Feature: Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Friday: April 4

  • Flavor of the Day: Cherry Chocolate Chip
  • Daily Feature: Tuna Salad on Grilled Sourdough

Saturday: April 5

  • Flavor of the Day: Heath Chocolate Almond
  • Daily Feature: Three Cheese ButterBurger Double

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