Culver’s Presents $3,296 Check to The Pink Ribbon Society

Culver’s Presents $3,296 Check to The Pink Ribbon Society
By: Culver's Last Updated: December 5, 2016

On Wednesday, November 30th, Culver's of Valparaiso presented the Pink Ribbon Society with a check for $3,296.78. The funds from the check came directly from Culver’s profits the previous month. 

The Founder and President of the Pink Ribbon Society, Ann Peters, was on site to personally receive the check.

“Pink Ribbon Society is a charity that raises money to help support women who are undergoing cancer treatment,” said Peters. “The Society pays for anything that a person undergoing treatment would need, whether that's the treatment itself, the person’s groceries, or even wigs for them to wear.”

Community support and fundraising is a staple of Culver’s style of practice. “Culver’s Cares” is the program in place for each Culver’s to raise funds for local causes. The previous check awarded was to the Morgan and Kouts FFA.

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