Culver’s True Blue Crew Brings Positive Experiences to Guests Thanks to Company Culture

culvers-logo-on-whiteJoining the True Blue Crew at the Valparaiso Culver’s means being immersed in a positive, guest-centered culture. The team’s dedication to creating a positive experience for each and every guest involves every member of the restaurant, and is something they work toward every day.

At Culver’s, it’s not just about serving good food, it’s about letting every guest know that the team cares. From little details like removing a tray out of a guest’s way or picking up a dropped item, to being sure the restaurant is clean from top to bottom, the crew is constantly working hard to create a great experience.

“Even the dining room, it’s an extension of people coming to visit,” said Marilyn Christman, Valparaiso Culver’s General Manager. “That’s the biggest thing and we instill that in the team members, that these are people who are coming to visit, we want to make their day.”

The Culver’s culture reflects their belief that everyone should be treated as family or guests. When someone visits the restaurant, they aren’t just there to buy food, but to experience the hospitality and warmth that accompany the restaurant.

“It’s a culture that takes on a world of it’s own and goes everywhere,” Christman said. “It’s hard to explain it because it sounds corny, but it’s in your heart. You just, other people have to go to work, and I never feel like that here. They’re like my family.”

The crew ensures the guests’ experience with both their warm attitudes and by viewing things through the “lens of the guest.” This means taking the time to look at the restaurant as if you’re a guest experiencing it for the first time. While this can be trained, finding someone with the right attitude for Culver’s is more important than skill.

“You can train anyone to do most things,” said Wendy Gates, owner of the Valparaiso Culver’s. “There is going to be a position in this restaurant for everybody. Everyone has something to bring to the table, but you can’t teach them spirit.”

The experience of being treated as family isn’t solely for the guests, though. Compassion for employees is also at the top of the list for Culver’s management.

“We’re big on servant leadership,” Christman explained. “You know, we serve our team, and then our team serves the guest. It’s not like our team is here for us. We’re here for them.”

The Culver’s Culture is one focused on creating a positive environment, excellent experience, and quality food for guests. To accomplish this, the crew spends ample time making sure team members are trained, empowered, and encouraged to go the extra step to truly make someone's day.

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