Custom Data Services, Inc. provides Northwest Indiana quality expertise

Custom Data Services, Inc. provides Northwest Indiana quality expertise

Since 1973, Custom Data Services, Inc. has provided Northwest Indiana medical practices with medical billing and coding expertise that works with their unique needs. With its community-first mindset, Custom Data Services, Inc., and its team have provided the Region quality service focused on creating lasting relationships.

Custom Data Services, Inc. was founded in 1973 by Robert E. Swartz, Chris Retson and Robert F. Lindholm, who are three CPA's from the firm Swartz, Retson, Lindholm and Kettas, Inc. The three accountants opened their business in Merrillville, where it is still located to this day. In 1975, Larry Mlynarcik joined the team as a computer programmer and was tasked with creating what would become the company’s proprietary medical billing software that doctors began implementing in their medical practices. A year later, Juan Arroyo was also hired on as a computer programmer to aid Mlynarcik in the development of the billing software.

In 1981, Mlynarcik became President of Custom Data Services, Inc., and in 1985 Arroyo became Vice President. In 2017, Larry Mlynarcik retired, and Arroyo assumed the role of President. Adam Mlynarcik became Vice President and partner, while Chris Govert, former President of Custom Collection Services, Inc., a medical collection agency and sister company of Custom Data Service, became Secretary/Treasurer, continuing the company’s focus on forming relationships with practices and medical professionals that have lasted for decades.

“We keep our business pretty local. The overwhelming majority of our clients are located in Lake or Porter County, and currently all of them are within 50 miles of our office,” said Adam Mlynarcik, Vice President of Custom Data Services, Inc. “This allows us the opportunity to meet with our clients regularly and for them to get to know our staff to develop lasting relationships.”

“Currently, we are serving more than 150 providers and many of them have been with us for greater than 10 years,” Mlynarcik said. “Our very first client, Northwest Indiana Radiology, is still with us today.”

Since its founding, Custom Data Services, Inc. has provided medical practices the tools needed to streamline their billing and documentation processes, with the goal to help doctors to overcome technical barriers that take time away from seeing their patients. Its medical billing service allows practices to get ahead of its accounts receivable and covers all the steps in the billing cycle, like registration and patient support.

Its team of experts consistently stays up to date with the newest data entry and coding processes, and its tight-knit office puts customer service first, which is reflected in its patient support option.

“The patient support option we provide allows patients to contact us if they have a question or a concern about billing,” Mlynarcik said. “They can call our office and speak with a person, not a machine, and we can walk them through whatever their question or concern may be.”

Custom Data Services, Inc.’s medical coding service interprets doctors’ charts and applies the correct coding in order for everything to be billed properly and provide insurance enrollment for practices. 

While the fundamentals of medical billing haven’t changed over the years, technology has pushed companies like Custom Data Services, Inc. toward new processes and methods. What started as a company with only three employees has grown to where they are today with 35 employees that help keep everything running around the clock.

“The technology wasn’t what it is now, so everything had to be run around the clock because the technology took that long to process the date,” Mlynarcik said. “Now most everything we do is web and server-based in the Cloud. So over time, our processes and technology has become much more streamlined.”

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that the tradition of community and family has always been important, as Custom Data Services prides itself for its business in Northwest Indiana.

“What sets us apart from our competition is our sense of family and community,” Mlynarcik said. “Our staff is made up of not only my family but other families as well. We have always encouraged our staff’s family and friends to work with us, which has given us the opportunity to work with people for a long time. Right now, we have a family of three generations, a mother and daughter team, and a pair of siblings working together. Even our three supervisors have been with the company for over 30 years.”

“This closeness has allowed us to form strong relationships with our employees and with our community,” Mlynarcik said. 

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