Customers Love New Upgrades at Kelsey’s Steak House of Valparaiso

Customers Love New Upgrades at Kelsey’s Steak House of Valparaiso

Kelsey’s Steak House of Valparaiso received a major makeover, transforming the beloved restaurant into something even more spectacular.

Known in the community for their great service and one of the few to serve outstanding charcoal steaks, Kelsey’s has been a part of Valparaiso’s culture for decades. The restaurant prides themselves on keeping up with the feedback of the community while staying true to their 30 years of history in Valparaiso. The upgrades done to Kelsey’s Steak House did just that.

Justin Oettinger, General Manager at Kelsey’s Steak House, said that the upgrades were essential in keeping up with the changing times of Valparaiso.

“It’s a legacy restaurant,” said Oettinger of Kelsey’s. “Everybody knows it. If you’re going to be in business 30 years, you have to give people something new to come back to.”

Those entering Kelsey’s immediately notice the new booths and carpeting. The steak house said goodbye to their previous dark booths, replacing them with bright red, luxurious booths that add to Kelsey’s elegant yet comfortable dining experience. The black and gray geometric pattern of the carpet added a bold level of sophistication and style to the restaurant.

Kelsey’s also installed new ceiling tiles, updated the landscaping, upgraded the interior and exterior lighting, and updated the interior equipment.

“Kelsey’s wants to keep up with the times,” said Aubrey Rauch, bartender and server at Kelsey’s. “We want to keep everything fresh.”

Both new and long-time customers appreciated the upgrades.

“We’ve heard nothing but positive things from the community,” said Oettinger. “Feedback has been good. We love the compliments that we hear on a daily basis as people walk in and walk out.”

“The customers have welcomed everything with open arms,” said Rauch. “They love coming in and seeing the changes here and there.”

Kelsey’s has remained a staple in Valparaiso for decades, offering casual fine dining and a comfortable place to get a high-quality meal. With the upgrades, Kelsey’s maintains its commitment to serving a great meal at a great price all within a relaxed atmosphere geared towards the entire family.

Kelsey’s, easily recognized by members of Valparaiso by the giant cow statue outside of the building, keeps customers coming back for more with its unique atmosphere and commitment to excellence.

“This is a really homey place to come get a really great meal with really friendly faces and have a really good time,” said Rauch.

The steak house makes each customer a priority, striving to make their experience at Kelsey’s memorable and valuing the feedback provided by the customers. The upgrades done to Kelsey’s reflect their dedication to meeting the changing expectations of the Valparaiso community.

Rauch made her personal recommendation for an outstanding meal for Valparaiso’s cooler weather ahead.

“For the fall season, you can’t go wrong with our prime rib or one of our steaks on the charcoal grill,” said Rauch.

With the holidays around the corner and with the advent of the new renovations, Kelsey’s expects the fall season to be a busy one. Those interested in booking a party for November or December should do so as soon as possible, as space is limited.

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