Dear World, I Need a Mini-Me

Dear World, I Need a Mini-Me
By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: July 21, 2010

Dear World,

I need a Mini-Me/Assistant/Jr.-Lifer, and this is officially opening the search for the position.

There will be unrealistic expectations, low pay, high risk, with ridiculous hours.  I'm betting on the upside kind of thinker who is nimble online, in person, and on the phone. I'm looking for someone who has enough moxie to manage me, tell me when I am clueless about something, and help me manage all the stuff that comes through ValpoLife, PortageLife, and LaPorteCountyLife on a daily basis. Plus, is right around the corner, with many more to come. I need someone who thinks on their feet, and has only slightly less an aversion to structure and formality than I do enough.


I need a direct and honest communicator who likes people who “get it”, and is fairly impatient and intolerant of people who don’t. You will need to be pushy, persistent, passionate, and pertinacious in pursuing whatever they are working on.

This mini-me absolutely needs to drink the Life Kool-Aid or they would not enjoy doing this, nor would they work hard enough at it.

I want someone that thinks of themselves as technologically strong, a publisher, photographer, videographer, writer, relationship maker and maintainer, a business owner, secretary, marketing guru, sales person, assistant, people-focused ad coordinator, typist, mind reader, who has no problem runing up and down the street in a parade. This person knows social networking, has ideas, energy, and is passionate about what they do in a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind of way.

At the same time I want someone who laughs at themselves and the world around them often, and recognizes none of this really matters much without family and friends in the end.

We'd fit or clash pretty darn quickly, so being a mini-me is not for the faint of heart or for anyone looking for a normal, steady job.

If you are the one, you and I will both know. Write me an email if you think we are a match, and tell me why you think so.

Chris Mahlmann
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