Debbie Ogden Brings the Fun of Zao Island to All Community Members

Debbie Ogden Brings the Fun of Zao Island to All Community Members

It's not often that you can work at a place where every day brings the pleasing satisfaction of nostalgia and fun for both employees and the clients they serve. For Zao Island Director of Sales, Debbie Ogden, this happens every day and she couldn't be happier.

"It's a great place to be, I love Zao Island. I've been bringing my kids here for years and once I saw the opportunity open up, I thought I would try to find a job here and here I am today," said Ogden.

As a Director of Sales, Ogden's daily duties involve answering emails and phone calls, and going out to meet and speak with other businesses to make them aware of all of the attractions that Zao Island offers.

Ogden's previous experience with client and community relations has allowed her to quickly find success at Zao Island. She was heavily involved in the Hobart community and through her work planning and helping out the Humane Society, as well as owning her own business, has gained plenty of experience working with clients and the community.

"I go out into the community to get Zao's name out there," said Ogden. I am also in charge of bringing in companies for meetings, employee nights, parties, and team building events."

And letting adults know they can get in on the fun is one of the Ogden's favorite parts of her job and Zao Island itself.

"It's not just for kids really, it's for adults as well. We have plenty of adults come here and we even had a wedding reception here once," said Ogden. "We have plenty of room for outdoor and indoor events that are aimed at the entire family."

Ogden also enjoys working with the team at Zao Island, crediting their friendly family-like nature a great environment to work in.

"Everyone is a big happy family here," said Ogden. "Everyone helps one another and gets along with one another. I love working here being able to be a part of this every day."

Ogden, being a previous fan of Zao Island before coming here, is continually amazed at all of the new improvements being made.

"It's changed so much that people who haven't been here in awhile are always excited to see the changes and to see how much bigger and better everything is," said Ogden. "The game room is my favorite. The noises, lights and sounds you can't help but feel like a kid again. When's the last time as a working person you've gone here and done something fun? You can come here, play a few games and just have a good time?" When she's not working at Zao Island, this former Hobart resident is enjoying what the Valparaiso community has to offer for her and her family.

“I have two daughters in high school and college so I always enjoying doing things with them when I can. Along with bike riding and running, I have to say that the Valpo community is great," said Ogden. "Everyone is so nice and there is always something interesting going on here. It's great that the community can come out and have access to restaurants and coffee shops. It's such a nice place for families."

At the end of the day, Ogden's passion lies with meeting people and making sure that they are happy and taken care of.

"I enjoy working and meeting people. Getting to know them is great and with this job I get to share the experience and seeing how I can help others who want to come here," said Ogden. "I am here to keep the customers happy, without them there is no Zao Island."

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