Deck the carpets with stains galore: removing tricky stains with advice from Brilliant Results Cleaning Service

Deck the carpets with stains galore: removing tricky stains with advice from Brilliant Results Cleaning Service

Whew! What a holiday season, eh? Now that the guests are gone, you may notice a few new stains in your carpet that weren’t there before. Don't panic. With the help of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC, we’ve put together some tips on how to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

Let’s face facts: Carpet stains are as inevitable as they are undesirable, unless you can find a way to keep everyone off the carpet’s surface. Unless you want to raise guests’ eyebrows by covering your living room in a sheet of plastic, that just isn’t going to happen, especially during the holidays. Since a stain or two is basically guaranteed to appear during this season, we’re going to share with you the most important word to keep in mind: blot.

One more time: blot. Never rub or smear as this will make the stain worse; always blot. 

With the dreaded red wine spill (or red juice), which is always among the most difficult stains to remove, the trick is to blot the stain with a dry towel as soon as possible. Next, fill a spray bottle with ¼ cup of white vinegar, one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap, and the rest with water. Spray the stain and blot with a dry towel until it’s removed. 

Coffee spills can also be tricky and can create stains that are even more unsightly than others with that conspicuous, yellowish-brownish hue. But if you treat the spill properly, you can prevent the stain. First, blot the wetness away with a dry towel. Don’t be afraid to use several towels—they are cheaper than new carpet, and this will prevent the stain from spreading or soaking deeper into the carpet. Next, create the same mixture you used for juice, and repeat.

With all the visitors and food opportunities, our four-legged friends are bound to get a little excited, and we all know what that means…When it comes to stains caused by pets, you’ll want to first clean up the initial mess by blotting the wet spot until it’s dry. If you find that the stain has soaked in, you can moisten the spot and then blot it dry again. 

Also among the hardest to remove, yet treatable if you act quickly, are ink stains. With all that gift-wrapping, there’s always the chance that an exploding pen might put a damper on your carpet’s holiday. Wet a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol and dab the stain gently until the spot fades.

Although we hope your holidays never lead to bloodshed, anything can happen... The trick to getting blood stains out is to first treat them as soon as possible, and second use cold water instead of hot. The science behind this is interesting: if you treat a protein stain (like blood) with hot water, the warmth can actually cook the proteins in the stain, causing them to absorb deeper and possibly permanently into the fibers. If the stain is not coming up easily with cold water, try adding two teaspoons of a grease-fighting liquid dish detergent and cold water in a spray bottle, and spray the stain until it’s wet. Then use paper toweling to blot.

The holidays can be messy in more ways than one. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to keeping your home clean and tidy, Brilliant Results Cleaning Service offers exceptional value and professional service all year long. While Brilliant Results does not provide carpet spot treatments, hit them up before or after the next holiday or special occasion for a one-time clean sweep, or get on a regular schedule for cleaning.