DeeDee the Cat – Porter County Animal Shelter

DeeDee-the-Cat-Porter-County-Animal-ShelterThink about it. Can you tell me exactly where you were 2 years ago today? I don’t just mean the state you lived in or what you were doing for work. I don’t mean who you may have been visiting for the holidays. Can you tell me the exact square footage you occupied?

I can, because I’ve spent the past 2 years of my life in a little cage at the Porter County Animal Shelter off of State Road 2. The staff, they are amazing people. They do and care so much for all of us lost and wandering creatures. In some ways, I’d be very sad to go. I’m sure I’d miss their friendly faces and warm caring hearts.

But it’s a hectic life during the day. We cats are a territorial bunch and it’s just not natural for us to be so crammed together. And the nights... well the nights can be very lonely. I’m not a very high maintenance cat and I don’t need a lot of attention, but I would like a familiar place to call home. Especially as the holidays are upon us. I actually kind of need my space, which is another reason my 2 years here at the shelter seem more like 20. So if you’re that strange mix of lonely but claustrophobic like me, I bet we’d be a purrfect pair. As the weather gets colder I’m hoping it might warm your heart and you’ll stop by to meet me and bring me back to my forever home. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a cup of hot chocolate, sit down to read a book, and I’ll even curl up on your lap. Maybe. Just don’t pet me if I do. No need to get carried away.

For more information about DeeDee the cat, contact the Porter County Animal Shelter at 219-465-3550.