DeMotte Physicians of Porter Physicians Group Host Free Health Fair and Cookout in New Hebron Office

Who says nothing is free anymore? The DeMotte Physicians of Porter Physicians Group held a free health fair and cook-out at their new office in Hebron Wednesday evening. From 3-6, the public was invited to come meet the doctors, grab some bites to eat, and – the most important part – receive free health screenings.

June 1st marked the date that Porter Health Systems opened the new office in Hebron. Two family medicine physicians, Alex Alvarez, M.D., and Jeffrey Huxford, M.D., have made the beautiful space their professional home.

“Besides the family practice here, we’re planning to have specialists come through Hebron on Thursdays to provide care for cardiology and the like. The ability to care for the family, to be able to explain their healthcare in laymen’s terms so they can understand exactly what’s going on with them is absolutely priceless to me. I love taking care of children to adults to seniors,” commented Alvarez.

“I think in small towns, especially, there’s always a shortage of family doctors. Anytime you can go and provide that kind of care to a small community, I think it’s worthwhile and it’s needed. I went through a lot of stages – I wanted to do pediatrics for a while, I wanted to do OB (Obstetrics) for a while, and when I looked at family medicine, I knew I could do a little bit of everything, from little babies to nursing homes,” remarked Huxford.

The health fair portion of the night was most noticeable with the following vital free health screenings available to attendees:

  • Blood pressure
  • Bone density
  • Body mass index
  • Sleep screening
  • Hearing screening

Almost everyone in our lives could benefit from one or more of these screenings. The opportunity to get them at no additional cost is incredible in this day and age! The DeMotte Physicians are well aware of the impact that something like this can make on a person’s life.

“I’m excited because I have family out here that is thrilled that they have a doctor that they can come to in Hebron. I think Hebron needs it. I think the more south you go, the more physicians they need out here in this area. The people are excited about it, too! I can tell by the people I’ve met here today and when I’m here in this office. They’re just very happy that we’re here,” said Evie Mason, Porter Health’s Family Practice Manager.

Although the weather literally dampened the evening, plenty of good times continued. After all, the open house must go on! Attendees were able to tour the new facilities and had the chance to see what Porter Health has to offer, as some RN’s and a specialist or two were on hand. Being afforded the opportunity to become comfortable in a space, before even scheduling an appointment, is quite the luxury!

“I came just to get things checked and make sure everything’s okay. I’ve been lucky; I’ve never been sick, except for minor things. I’m back in the area again and I need a doctor, so this just fit right into my plans to find one! It’s a good thing to have,” said Vernon Pahl, who came out in spite of the tumultuous weather.

The new office is open and accepting new patients. Porter Health’s commitment to community continues in Hebron with fairs like this, physicians like Alvarez and Huxford, and a team fit to help you manage your health.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment or learn more, please call (219) 987-3581, visit their website, stop by the new office at 634 North Main Street, Hebron, and keep updated here on the Life sites, where we love Porter Health!