Dental Arts Group’s Kristen Reynhout enjoys connecting with co-workers and patients in fun, friendly environment

Dental Arts Group’s Kristen Reynhout enjoys connecting with co-workers and patients in fun, friendly environment

While working in the healthcare field had always been a life goal of hers, Kristen Reynhout, Dental Arts Group’s Financial Coordinator, didn’t think that lifelong interest would take her down a path into the dental field. 

“The dental field just happened to catch my attention at some point, and I decided to continue my education in that field. I ended up really enjoying it,” Reynhout said. “I went to Indiana University Northwest for one year and then finished my schooling at Everest College for Dental Assisting.” 

Reynhout brought her expertise and experience to Dental Arts Group in 2012 as the company’s financial coordinator. 

“My work is more focused on the financial side of the dental industry, so I estimate and present insurance and out-of-pocket expenses for patients regarding their treatment,” Reynhout said. “I’m in charge of billing and accounts receivables. I also help out in other areas when needed.” 

Though Reynhout deals with the financial side of the dental industry, working in a tight-knit and patient-focused office like Dental Arts Group allows her the chance to interact with patients on a day-to-day basis, the thing that drew her to the field in the first place. 

“Being in the front office, we really get to know the patients,” she said. “Each patient is different, and each situation is unique, so I think by being friendly, getting to know them, and remembering each patient, that it helps them feel at ease and actually enjoy coming to our office.” 

While she does enjoy interacting with patients, it is her relationship with the practice and her co-workers and that chance to share fun, memorable moments with them that makes her work rewarding. 

“We all get along well, and I have developed friendships with my co-workers,” she said. “I think that’s why this job has been such a good match for me. I love being a part of an office that has a fun and energetic atmosphere not only with each other but with our patients as well.” 

Reynhout has been married to her husband, Tyler, for nine years and has three children, Aubrey, Caleb, and Carson, and two dogs. In her free time, she can be found spending quality time outdoors and soaking up new experiences. 

“I enjoy running, traveling, and just being with family and friends,” Reynhout said. 

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