Dermody: 2020 off to a great start

Dermody: 2020 off to a great start
By: Tom Dermody Last Updated: March 6, 2020

We are off to a great start in 2020 with our new La Porte Team and a distinct vision for our future. I personally want to thank our team at the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP) for their shared vision to catapult our community to the number one destination in the Midwest. Members of LEAP are an instrumental part in making this happen. Without the support of our businesses, we cannot succeed as a community!

The start of the year, though busy, has been rewarding. We are focused on accomplishing the initiatives that were promised throughout my campaign. We wanted to make sure that these initiatives were in full swing on day one. We have the team in place that is up for the task and it is exciting witnessing this change in our community. The first day of the new administration we were in our neighborhoods helping community members find the resources they need to clean up their homes and businesses. Our police department is making sure drug dealers find this community unwelcoming and unprofitable. Our economic development team is in search of community-minded, high wage employers who would like to call La Porte home.

As the Mayor of La Porte I can't emphasize enough how important community partnerships are to making all these promises a reality. You can have the best vision but without the buy-in of a team and a community these visions will never become reality. We continue to encourage the public to reach out to our department heads if they have questions, and as mayor I will take responsibility and accountability for our progress. During my campaign, I have always given the public access to me to discuss any issues or opportunities to make our great community the best place to live and work.

Lastly, our team and our office have committed to being visible and transparent with the public not only at public meetings but through creating a process where everyone's vision is taken into account. Communication is vital to the success of our city, so it is our job to be committed to fostering these discussions. Our La Porte Team embraces a positive outlook while being mindful of everyone's perspective. We encourage our businesses to be a part of the solution and thank you for your support as a new day dawns in La Porte!