Did You Eat Breakfast This Morning? PTSC Weekly Update

porter-township-schools-logoIf you're like me, I'd rather not get up fifteen minutes earlier to make a healthy breakfast, even though I know the benefits of eating well for the most important meal of the day. As a result I'm often grabbing something on the go to make sure my stomach isn't empty until lunch.

Starting the day off right with a great breakfast has many advantages and is extremely important for students. Did you know that by eating breakfast research has shown:

  • Students learn best when they have eaten a good breakfast.
  • Students have improved attendance and are absent and tardy less frequently.
  • Students have higher test scores in reading and math.
  • Students have fewer trips to the school nurse--particularly for hunger related reasons.
  • Students have improved classroom behavior as they have increased ability to attend to task and fewer referrals to the office resulting in more time on learning.

Eating breakfast also helps us to achieve a healthy weight, while skipping breakfast has been linked to risks for obesity.

Mornings can be rushed to make sure that everyone is up and ready to leave on time. PTSC schools offer breakfast for students. If students receive assistance for meals, there is not charge for breakfast.

Let's make sure we start each day right!