Digital Learning Day at Central Elementary

By: Central Elementary School Last Updated: February 12, 2014

Central-Digital-Learning-Day-2014On February 5th, 2014, students at Central Elementary participated in a Digital Learning Day. Students used a Smart Board to play “Time Jeopardy;” played online Battleship for Coordinate Grid Practice; FaceTime interviewed Medical Student, Katie Rodenbeck, at Georgetown Medical School in Washington, DC; used iPods with Quick Response (QR) Codes for Language Arts, Mystery Books, and math problems.

Digital Learning Days at Central mark an important milestone in regard to education in a technologically driven world.

While many of us parents grew up technology-less, children in elementary schools are surrounded by it. Using technology to engage them in learning activities marks the beginning of a new era of education. Kids are learning to use technology for educational purposes—not just a way to socialize.

Central’s integration of technology into the classrooms emphasizes the importance of “keeping up with the times,” while also maintaining a positive and fun learning atmosphere.