Director Speak: Trinidad Snider Delves into Annie

AnnieThere are so man great shows that can be seen at the Memorial Opera House and there are so many great people that make them happen. One such show, Annie, is a great production that is filled with talented people in front of and behind the scenes. The show's director, Trinidad Snider, shares with us how this show captured her heart and how it will capture the heart of all who see it.

Annie is the story of a young orphan who, though she suffers many setbacks at such a young age, manages to keep a great attitude and outlook on life. Her positive demeanor and sweet disposition change the lives of those around her, sending out a great message that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

"I grew up watching Annie when I was young and have been a fan ever since. I've never been in this show but I've been in many others. When the opportunity arose to direct this, I took it," Snider said. "I love the story. And it's easy to make it cheesy production but for me this story is all about hope. During the time when the story took place all these bad things were happening but there was this one girl who was able to find a light at the end of the tunnel no matter her situation. As adults we focus on the negative and sometimes it's easy for us to miss out on that light."

This show reached Trinidad on multiple levels as not only did she grow up with it, her mother spent her childhood in an orphanage. The story of Annie resonated with her and showed her that you can be brace at any age.

"Annie is tough. she knows what cards she holds. she will fight through through it," Snider said. "Even if I didn't have the connection I still would have done it. I love the show. I get so excited because there is so much joy that can be found in these numbers."

Snider is the mother of four children, and so dealing with a cast this is mostly kids came naturally to her. She treated the show as a family affair, too, casting moms with their daughters, cousins, and siblings.

"This is a great way for families to spend time together," Trinidad explained. "I'm trying to focus on moments in the show being more real so the actors and audience can connect with each other. I want to show the connection between Annie and Daddy Warbucks, Annie and Grace - people trying to find love, connection, and family...I really work hard with cast to identify these moments that true and raw emotions come out."

Annie opens December 5 and run for three weekends. Cost is $21, $18 seniors and students, and special group rates of 15 people or more can be had.

On Wednesday December 3 there will free preview (final dress rehearsal) for organizations like Boys and Girls Club, Housing Opportunities, etc. so that everyone can have a chance to get some theatre in their lives.

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