Don’t Let Diabetes Sneak Up On You

Drink-WaterDid you know that of the 25.8 million children and adults in the United States with diabetes, 7 million cases are undiagnosed?* Diabetes is a problem with the body’s inability to use insulin efficiently. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, develops most often in middle-aged and older adults, but it can appear in young people as well.

Undiagnosed, diabetes can lead to serious health complications. Over time, the high glucose levels in the blood can damage the nerves and small blood vessels of the eyes, kidneys and heart and can lead to atherosclerosis that can cause heart attack and stroke. In 2008, diabetes was the leading cause of new cases of blindness, the leading cause of kidney failure and the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation.*

Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?

Anyone can get type 2 diabetes. But those at highest risk for the disease are those who:
Are over 45
Are obese or overweight
Have had gestational diabetes
Have family members who have type 2 diabetes
Have prediabetes
Don’t exercise
Have low HDL cholesterol or high triglycerides
Have high blood pressure
Are African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders

To find out if you may be living with undiagnosed diabetes, take the free risk assessment available on Porter’s website at or call 800-453-2330 to take the assessment by phone.