Don’t Miss “Tammy” at the Chicago Street Theatre on January 23rd & 30th

homepage 500 tammyChicago Street Theatre saves the spot after the first of the year for plays with a bold and gutsy nature.Tammy is just that--an irreverent and twisted after school special. It's Heathers meets Jurassic Park meets Carrie.

Tammy is your average preteen. She has a crush on a popular jock. She wants to fit in with the cool crowd. Her parents and teachers just don't get her. Oh, and she's part T-Rex. Being different is never easy, but it gets a whole lot harder when your lunch is raw meat and you get muzzled every time you roar in math class.

With the help of her best friend, Hope, Tammy struggles to keep her talons in check and her head held high. But can she learn to navigate the hallways of middle school while governing her own prehistoric tendencies? A hilarious homage to growing up in the 90s.

*Please note, this play contains content not suitable for young children. Rated PG-13ish.

Written by Chicago Street Theatre Alumna Julia Weiss and directed by Andy Urschel and Tim Gleason Jan 23 – Feb 7, 2015.

Fri, Jan 23: Opening Night Party at Main and Lincoln

Fri, Jan 30: Happy After-Hours at Valley Kitchen


  • Maddie Blaney as Tammy Rex
  • Stephanie Meyer as Hope Endoor
  • Tom O'Neill as Cliff Samorga
  • Julia Michaels as Jennica Lupis
  • Lindsey DeBoer as Amber Swan
  • Mary DeBoer as Mrs. Sanchez
  • Lindsey Elderkin as Mrs. Rex
  • Charlie Scanlon as Mr. Rex
  • Rodney Thornton as Brian Rex
  • Chris Brennan as Steve "Bacon Bite" Watson
  • Brittany Brice, Matthew Klemm, Mahdi Stephens, Riley O'Neil, and Kendra Vanderstar as Students
  • Angela Powell and Tim Gleason as Teachers