Downtown Valparaiso Rocks Out in 2015 Summer Rhapsody Debut

In preparation for this 4th of the July weekend, Led Zeppelin fans and concert-goers alike enjoyed the band Kashmir during Valparaiso’s Summer Rhapsody Music Festival. This summer, Valparaiso Events will be hosting a different band at the Porter Health Amphitheater every Thursday this July.

Michelle Michaels, Office Manager at Valparaiso Events, and Kara Kozlowski, Event coordinator at Valparaiso Events, explained why this event is a great one to have in Valpo for everyone in Northwest Indiana to come out and enjoy.

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“I don’t know many cities that do something like this,” Kozlowski said. “This is just something for everyone to do on a Thursday night, in the middle of their week. We encourage people to come out, bring their blankets, pack a picnic, stop at one of our downtown restaurants and have some fun.”

“The best part is seeing all the different age groups and families that come here to enjoy the evening,” said Michaels.

This week, the band Kashmir performed. They are a band that plays the best of Led Zeppelin and even dressed the part to help recreate the 70’s feel.

Cedar Lake native Glen Wiedeman has seen Kashmir play before and was excited to come out and watch them play at a fun venue.

“We heard that Kashmir was playing in an outdoor venue, and that’s where we love to see them! Zeppelin music is hard to play, hard to sing and I think that they do a fantastic job,” Wiedeman said.

The event also proved to be kid friendly as children played around the park and enjoyed the music as well as some ice cream.

“This is such a nice place to meet with family and friends so we are just here to hang out with the family. These events just bring the community together and is something fun for everyone to do,” concert-goer, Shannon Hurst said.

Kashmir drew a large crowd to Central Park Plaza and provided a fun Thursday night before this holiday weekend.

If you missed the first concert, no need to worry because there are plenty more to come. Next week, the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival will feature the band R Gang. Come out and enjoy some great music in Central Park Plaza this July.