Dr. Porterfield of Porterfield Family Chiropractic on the Importance of Keeping it Local with Charity

Dr. Porterfield of Porterfield Family Chiropractic on the Importance of Keeping it Local with Charity

Dr. Ryan Porterfield of Porterfield Family Chiropractic is a licensed chiropractor who serves his patients in the Valparaiso area to relieve their aches and pains and find solutions to their unique problems. His team is dedicated to serving every patient that walks through his door, but Dr. Porterfield is also dedicated to helping the local community through donations and involvement with charitable organizations.

One such organization Dr. Porterfield got involved in was Housing Opportunities which is a state-certified housing and non-profit agency that serves Northwest Indiana.

“The cool thing about helping Housing Opportunities is not only did we raise a thousand dollars, but patients donated money and I matched it which brought it up to over a thousand dollars,” said Porterfield of the successful charity drive.

Reaching out to his patients, Porterfield tried to find other ways of helping as well.

“If they didn’t want to donate money they could also give nonperishable food items. Lisa at Housing Opportunities said that this would greatly help to replenish their coffers, and we brought in approximately 400 lbs of food from everybody. It was also right around Thanksgiving so it was perfect timing for that type of event, we got to bring them some much needed extra money plus food.”

porterfield donationPorterfield exchanged his therapies/treatments on one day for donations and all of the one thousand dollars was raised in just one day.

Porterfield has also worked for a childhood cancer treatment organization called Alex’s Lemonade Stand which raises money and awareness of childhood cancer causes to research new treatments and cures as well as encourage and empower those affected by it. For this event, Porterfield worked with them on a bowling charity event.

“It was actually an organization and event recommended by a patient, they hold a bowling event every year where you can sponsor a lane, it was a great event to participate in,” said Porterfield.


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