Dr. Uzelac of Sleep Airway Solutions Presents to Portage Rotary Club

Dr. Uzelac of Sleep Airway Solutions Presents to Portage Rotary Club

Tuesday morning, Dr. Uzelac of Sleep Airway Solutions met with the Portage Rotary Club to present and educate members on the affects that sleep apnea can have on people.

“The Portage Rotary club invites speakers to come and speak at their meetings weekly, and we look for topics that are of interest to members. We all thought that Dr. Uzelac’s topic would be very interesting to our members in the effort that they could bring this information back to their places of business and the surrounding community," stated Maria Galka, a Rotary Club member.

The meeting began with a small hot pasta lunch that also included fresh salad and garlic bread. As members indulged, conversations flowed and participants were able to catch up with one another while they ate lunch.

“We have meetings once a week and we also have three speakers a month. Our organization likes to do a wide variety of topics so they we can stay informed and educated on the latest news," stated Galka.

Once lunch was finished, the club bell rang and the weekly meeting updates began. The meeting began with updates from Galka on club members. After announcements, each member around the conference table donated funds called “Happy Dollars” and talked about one or two good things happening with them or in the community. As the meeting made it to a close Dr. Uzelac began his presentation.

“Because we only host three guest speakers a month, the entire club was very excited to have Dr. Uzelac come in for a guest presentation. This is something new and different that a lot of people do not know about," stated Galka.

Dr. Uzelac started the presentation with a few icebreakers, then proceeded with his presentation.

“It’s funny because I am sitting in a room full of women, but every guy I know says that they sure as heck do not snore because they sleep through it and all of the women say that the men do. This problem is so interesting because it is an age old problem that does not and will not go away if untreated," stated Uzelac.

Studies show that in this last year alone, 23 percent of adults fall asleep while driving and 1 percent were involved in crashes. Sleepiness happens to be the leading cause for hypertension and is the main cause for chronic illness irritation.

“The reason why I am so passionate about sleep disorders and sleep apnea is not only am I a patient myself, but there are over 30 million Americans that have sleep apnea, 80 percent of the sleep apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. Unfortunately of the 20 percent of people that are diagnosed, the majority of them remain untreated and I want to spread awareness on this very serious matter," stated Uzelac.

Dr. Uzelac hopes to continue his dental practice while also raising awareness and treating sleep apnea by using dental practices. To find out more information on Dr. Uzelac’s practice you can visit his website here. To find out how you can get more involved with your community visit the Portage Rotary website!