Duneland Chamber and Local Businesses Welcome New Teachers at 15th Annual New Teachers Welcome Luncheon

Duneland Chamber and Local Businesses Welcome New Teachers at 15th Annual New Teachers Welcome Luncheon

Tuesday morning was a celebration for the Duneland Community as more than 20 new teachers and administrators were welcomed to the Duneland School System during their 15th annual New Teachers Welcome Luncheon. Recognizing a partnership that’s been in effect was a highlight for members of both the Duneland School Corporation and the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, who hosted the event.

New teachers and administrators were welcomed to Sand Creek Country Club for the event and provided a delicious meal, a goodie bag full of spare classroom supplies, and the opportunity to meet members of their school. The event provided additional opportunities to those who may also be new to the community as they were seated with members of local businesses who could provide information and resources for them.

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“This is our 15-year anniversary so we’re really excited,” said Maura Durham, President of the Duneland Chamber. “We get business support so that the teachers can really feel that this is their new community. All the businesses get to sit with a new teacher today.”

The day began with a quick introduction of everyone in the room. The microphone made its way around the room offering each attendee the opportunity to introduce themselves, tell everyone about their role, and brag on their college of choice. Most importantly, though, it gave them a chance to feel welcome.

“We like to welcome our teachers; they’re a big part of our community. They teach our children,” said Michelle Hunsley, Office Coordinator for the Duneland Chamber. “We have 23 new teachers, and a few are moving positions, so they’ve been part of the Duneland Schools but we’re congratulating them on their move.”

To wrap up, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ginger Bolinger said a few words and addressed her excitement for the coming year. Celebrating her second year with the school system, Dr. Bolinger isn’t too far out from being a new member of the school community herself.

“I know I repeat this often, but we really cannot have great schools without a great community and the great people who make our community what it is,” Dr. Bolinger said. “So to each and every one of you, thank you for supporting our schools and our teachers.”

As the school year draws near, Duneland was excited to welcome these new professionals to the school corporation. This coming school year promises to be an exciting time for those both new and seasoned as the school prepares for its 50-year anniversary this January.

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