Duneland Chamber Luncheon Honors Influential Community Members

The Duneland Chamber of Commerce held a special luncheon honoring outstanding members from within the Duneland community whose efforts have helped to shape and build a strong and successful community for both residents and businesses.

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Eight organizations and members were recognized for their efforts within the community. They ranged from restaurants and dentists, to manufactures and daycare centers and were all key individuals and organizations to continue building the Duneland area for 2015.

“Our vision is to be the premier influential leader for our business and leaders elevating NWI to greatness,” said Chamber Board secretary Mike Hogan. “We want to create a place that is great to live, work and play in, while stimulating economic growth to create a high quality of life.”

Representatives from each organization winning the awards were given an opportunity to express their thanks to the community for their strong support and understanding of their dedication to the community.

Being one of the four award winners for Business Renovation Awards, Rick Urschel, President and CEO of Urschel Labs was thankful to receive the support from the community and was especially excited to achieve new opportunities for Urschel Labs thanks to the Duneland Community.

“Moving has been one of the most challenging moments in our company’s history. However, once we were able to take a look at the Coffee Creek area, we instantly knew this was the place for us and had support from everyone on our staff,” said Urschel. “We have big plans for the future and we’re happy to be here.”

Along with businesses and organizations receiving awards, individuals who have exhibited strong service towards the community were also recognized. Golden Achievement award winner Jerry Ruge was the winner of Golden Achievement but was incredibly humble when receiving his award.

“Really it seems like more recognition that I deserve for doing some things that as a Christian I should be doing and are also so rewarding,” says Ruge. “All I can say is that I am humbled and thankful.”

Duneland Distinguished Woman winners Lori Weher-Evans and Judy Chaplin was presented this year’s award by previous award winner Heather Ennis who expressed her appreciation for this award and all who are nominated.

“Today we’re breaking with tradition and giving out two awards, one of which is being awarded to Judy Chaplin in memoriam since her unfortunate passing,” said Ennis. “Each of these women demonstrated the spirit of giving back to the community, provides valuable experience and passion to the community and exhibits creativity and excellence in their business or profession.”

Each of the award winners were given a plaque recognizing their hardwork along with complementary prizes provided by the Duneland Chamber.

Award Winners:

Putting Duneland on the Map: Lakeside Wealth Management Group

Business Renovation Award: Precision Dental- John Balon

New Construction: AJ’s Pizza, Culvers, Growing Kids, Urschel Laboratories

Humanitarian of the Year: Lori St. Pierre

Volunteer of the Year: Bruce Mathias

Golden Achievement: Jerry Ruge Duneland Distinguished Women: Jude Chaplin (In Memoriam), Lori Weher-Evans