Duneland Chamber of Commerce Trick or Treat Downtown a Treat for Kids and Parents

Duneland Chamber of Commerce Trick or Treat Downtown a Treat for Kids and Parents

Halloween came early this year to the downtown block of Chesterton. The Duneland Chamber of Commerce invited local businesses and families to spend the evening together tricking and treating.

“Our mission is to make the Duneland area a better place to live, work, and play,” said Beth Luncsford, Marketing Director for the Chamber of Commerce. “Trick or Treat let’s the community interact with the local area businesses. It let’s them get to know each other. For the kids, it’s a way to be a part of the town they live in and see the community come together. Even at a young age, kids can understand that.”

Any of the businesses along the downtown block were welcome to open their doors to costumed kids. They passed out candy, and in exchange got some personal time with potential clientele.

“It’s fun for the kids to go to all the businesses and see what’s inside them,” said mother Shanna Davis. “It opens the doors to places that we haven’t been to before or even knew existed.”

The businesses took this opportunity to decorate their storefronts for the Halloween spirit. Some, like Road to Life Church, went bigger than others.

Road to Life had bounce houses inflated in the street. They put on live skits and passed out handmade treats.

Children’s Director Elsie Fontanez said, “We want to reach out to the children of the community and let them know we love them. There is a statistic that says a child need five adults supporting them to make it in life. We want to be that positive role model for them.”

Every business understands the impact a personal relationship can have on its customers.

“We want to get involved with the community,” said Lisa Ellis, a Producer for State Farm Insurance. “We want to get to know the customers, meet them face to face. [The Duneland Chamber of Commerce] represents the community as well as small business and today, they brought us together.”

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