Easy Access with Johnny On The Spot Potty Trailers

Easy Access with Johnny On The Spot Potty Trailers

Can you imagine a world where portable potties did not exist? Neither can we.

Consider all the ways potties like the ones Johnny On The Spot offers come in handy. Big outdoor event? Johnny On The Spot. Lengthy construction job on an endless Indiana highway? Johnny On The Spot. A farmer making it to the far side of a cornfield only to realize nature’s duty is calling him? Johnny On The Spot.

However, take into consideration that construction jobs will shift along the highway as the work progresses, and that the farmer may be harvesting different sections of his many acres of farmland. In those scenarios, placing a potty in one location causes you to run into a problem when it’s time to shift. The convenience only goes so far; it’s convenient that the potty is in a location where, previously, no potty existed and one is needed, but not convenient in when the long work day takes place in many farfetched locations, and that portable potty isn’t looking so portable anymore…

Thankfully, Johnny On The Spot offers single unit trailers for your portable potties, so you can cruise them along with you to your next location! These trailers are small, convenient, and easy to hitch to the back of a vehicle and tow to the next place of business. No more fretting over that long day of repaving the highway with your construction team; no matter how far along the road you get, you’ll always have access to a bathroom!JOTS-Trailer-02

Perhaps you’re wondering how this trailer is convenient if you must repeatedly haul the portable potty stall over and over again as you move onward. Well, don’t worry, that’s not a problem because the trailer comes with a removable towing tongue and can be lowered to ground level! Once you’ve reached your destination, simply detach the potty from the tow and lower and secure the trailer into place, and voila! Your potty is now stabilized on the ground and ready to use.JOTS-Trailer-03

Even after years of use, you don’t have to worry about the trailer wearing down or breaking. The single unit trailer is specifically designed for off-road situations and paved surfaces, and its galvanized steel frame with no-rust fenders makes it just the thing for more extreme elements.

So next time you’re called to a remote work site with the likelihood of shifting, make sure you invest in one of Johnny On The Spot’s single unit trailers for your potty! Nature’s call will be a little simpler to answer! For more options, visit www.johnnypotty.com.