Educators Celebrate the Success of the eVisionary Conference at Zao Island


It’s been a long time coming, but the people involved with the 2013 eVisionary Conference can now celebrate a job well done. The first day of the two-day conference was a satisfying success, and that evening many came out to Zao Island in Valparaiso to wind down and relax after the long yet satisfying day.

Michelle Green, an eLearning Development Specialist at Indiana Department of Education was among the many that attended the Tech Meetup, as it was called, and she helped to make eVisionary possible in Valpo.

“There were a set number of grants available. Valparaiso applied for one and received it,” Green said. “What we’ve done is organize meetings for the coordinators so that we can get together and generate ideas for the new groups, with Valpo being one of the new groups. I was intrigued when I first met Elizabeth. She helped me talk to some people. And she reached out to me personally and said, ‘We’d like you to present for us.’

Green will be presenting at the eVisionary Conference on Thursday August first. Her presentation is titled “Don’t Leave eVisionary without it. Twitter Membership Has its Privileges”. But at that moment she was relaxing with the rest of the group as they ate great pizza and drinks provided by Colada’s Restaurant, the dining establishment located within Zao Island, and socialized in person and via Twitter. This was a Tech Meetup, after all.

tech-meet-zao-1Cyndi Svilar, one of the eVisionary coordinators, was also in attendance. Her main role was to assign and schedule presenters and sessions to rooms at VHS and lining up and organizing vendors for the event.

“I though the first day was really excellent. It went smoothly and I really enjoyed it,” Svilar said. “I think it took a lot of hard planning to make it run smoothly, but we took our time and really though it through so it all went well. I think tomorrow will be really great as well. Actually, I think it will be even better because everybody will have a better idea of where they’re going and what rooms they go in. And everyone loved the speakers. We had a lot of very good feedback. And I’m having fun right now. It’s nice and casual. We’ve been organizing for months so it’s nice to get to this point and relax.”

And relax they did. Everyone who attended the Tech Meetup at Zao Island really enjoyed the food, the friendly environment, the tech talk, and the pleasant company. It was a perfect place to refuel for day two of the eVisionary Conference.

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