Emily Grace of Midwest Express Clinic thrives in new, family-oriented environment

Emily Grace of Midwest Express Clinic thrives in new, family-oriented environment

When Emily Grace, Physician Assistant (PA) at Midwest Express Clinic, began her career five years ago, she first worked in an emergency department, an area of the medical field with a fast-paced, but intense atmosphere. But after two years, Grace made her transition to working in urgent care and has since thrived in a new, connection-focused environment.

Though originally from upstate New York, Grace and her family have lived in Ohio for years. She attended Ohio State University for her undergraduate degree, then went on to earn her master’s degree at a small medical school called Kettering College in Dayton, Ohio. 

“I always really loved science and medicine,” Grace said. “I love this field because it’s a combination of understanding the conditions and diagnoses and understanding your patient. You need to be a sympathetic person and be able to relate with your patients.”

After moving into urgent care, Grace found a stability that working in emergency departments couldn’t offer.

“I was looking for something with more stability, regular hours, and something less intense,” Grace said. “I started to work for MedSpring Urgent Care in Chicago. I continued to work there until they merged with Midwest Express Clinic in 2020.”

Grace has worked with Midwest Express Clinic for a year and a half now. As a PA, Grace establishes close connections with the patients she sees. She sees patients, documents their histories, develops treatment plans and additional procedures, and assesses their needs. She provides direct care to her patients, establishing a long-lasting relationship with them that would be rarer when working in a more corporate, intense environment like the emergency department.

“There’s so much more we can do for patients now,” Grace said. “We see a high volume of patients and we provide primary and urgent care that goes beyond fixing cuts and fractures. We offer lab work and ultrasound options, so it really allows me to do a lot more for patients now rather than having to refer them.”

Though the additional, hands-on work is a bonus, Grace noted that the most impactful part of her change in career pace has been the ability to connect on a personal level with those she provides for.

“You get to see the patient the whole way through, too, so you get to develop that relationship and help the patient more.”

The past year and a half with Midwest Express Clinic has been a smooth transition from her time with MedSpring. Grace remarked that she has learned and continues to learn more in her position every day.

“I’ve definitely learned a lot more from just being able to do more for my patients,” Grace said. “It’s nice to have grown within the company, as well; getting to know the company and its people has been a positive experience.”

Grace’s immediate family lives in Ohio. She has two sisters, one of whom, along with their mother, is a preschool special education teacher. In her free time, Grace can be found spending time with her boyfriend and her dog, Winnie, travelling and exploring new areas, new restaurants, and museums. 

“We love music. We’re pretty big concert-goers in a normal time,” Grace said. “I also like to read. I gravitate towards fiction when I read, but I do a lot of continuing education reading, as well. But usually I find myself reading things that are light and fun to take the mind off of things.”

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