Employee Life in the Spotlight: Samantha Bean

Employee Life in the Spotlight: Samantha Bean

Samantha Bean is the marketing manager of the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. Bean has proven to be a key player in the organization, as she is responsible for marketing their extensive list of events and services: exhibits, education, classes, tours, etc… Located in Michigan City, LCA's influence has expanded into both Illinois and Michigan. They are also adding an ASL interpreter to the team to incorporate people who were previously unable to come. They have one primary goal: “LCA integrates art, education, and community to provide access to exhibits and programs that explore contemporary ideas,” said Bean.

While LCA initially relied on outside services for graphic design work, Bean now provides that work in-house herself. Additionally, she has led their press relations and has organized galas and silent auction items for their arts festival. She always extends helping hands to artists as she works with them on their applications and assignments.
“I kind of wear a lot of different hats,” Bean said.

Her dedication to serving the arts did not sprout up abruptly, however. Growing up, Bean was not only a dancer but also sported great involvement in community theater.

“I've always had a love for the arts,” said Bean. “I love it in all of its aspects.”

Bean attended and graduated from IU Bloomington, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications. What followed was ten years of experience in the marketing and communication field. While for the last five years she has focused primarily on being a graphic designer, Bean could not pass up the chance to reignite her PR flame.
“This is kind of in my wheelhouse,” Bean said. “I saw this opportunity and I wanted to get back into it.”

In her spare time, she continues her passion for graphic design and community theater. She volunteers for theaters, assisting them in marketing through designing programs and websites - while also attending many of their performances. Occasionally, Bean has also been known to stage manage and act as well. In the Fall of 2019, Bean acted in La Porte Little Theatre Club’s presentation of “Little Shop of Horrors.” This grew to be one of Bean’s favorite acting memories.

“I've always loved the show,” said Bean. “The role of Audrey was really exciting and the cast was great. It was just a wonderful experience.”

Presently, Bean is excited for the 40th anniversary of the Lubeznik Arts Festival in which over 60 artists are participating this year. In order to commemorate the occasion, LCA has invited three artists in the region to create grand murals live at the festival. The event is taking place on the weekend of August the 20th and 21st. Admission on Sunday the 21st is free due to being a "free family day" sponsored by McDonald's of La Porte County. She invites everyone interested to attend. Inspired by community outreach, Bean’s mission is to spread her enthusiasm for the cause of creative expression to surrounding areas and ensure that it is available to them.

“[I] want to make it accessible to everyone,” said Bean.