Employee Spotlight: Mike Dec, Owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning

Employee Spotlight: Mike Dec, Owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Local business owners provide value to our communities, offering up their expertise and services with a personalized and local touch. In Valparaiso, Mike Dec is one of those business owners. As owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning, his business is providing some valuable services to the area.

Brilliant Results provides residential cleaning services in Northwest Indiana. While the business has been around for roughly eight years, Dec didn’t know he’d one day be a business owner in Valparaiso.

“It started as a part-time commercial cleaning company, I was just cleaning offices on the side while I was working full time,” Dec said. “I really enjoyed it. Eventually after about a year and a half part time, I made the jump and went full time with it.”

Cleaning may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Dec finds it to be rewarding. As someone who enjoys cleaning, a residential cleaning business made sense as he found his way out of the auto body industry.

“I always loved cleaning,” Dec said. “As odd as it is, that was just a good fit for me and I figured it was something I could excel in. I personally cannot relax unless the area I’m in is clean.”

Now, Dec trains his staff to provide excellent services to their clients. By passing along his eye for detail and working hard to train them properly, he makes sure they are not only prepared to clean, but that his employees are right for the service they provide.

“We always hire for integrity,” Dec explained. “I invested pretty heavily in a training system, but we make sure we have the right people before we move forward. Then we have a program to teach from there. This is a very trusting relationship, we’re in these clients homes and a lot of times they are not home. We want the right person.”

As a local business owner, Dec’s ability to serve the Region wouldn’t be complete without a love for the Northwest Indiana and Valparaiso community. As someone who grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, he found his way over the border and eventually to Valparaiso, a community he is proud to call home.

“I love Valpo, it’s a growing community and it’s very family oriented,” Dec said. “I have two young kids, there’s great schools and awesome stuff to do outside. I love the mix of downtown but everything is still very natural. There’s never a shortage of stuff to do and I like the way the Region in general is moving as far as growth and keeping things green.”

Dec and his business are faithfully serving the Northwest Indiana community with their cleaning services. As something that has gone from being considered a luxury to becoming much more commonplace, maid services are here to stay. To learn more about Brilliant results Cleaning and what they can offer, visit them here!