Energy Management Services Company Joins Purdue Research Park


purdue-research-parkHomeowners and small commercial business owners who want to lower energy costs and meet sustainable energy goals could benefit from a Purdue Research Park-based company that offers energy consultations, auditing services and a contractor database.

Alternative Housing Solutions LLC provides confidential consultations and energy auditing services to increase the functionality, healthiness and comfort of its clients' spaces. It was founded in 2008 by Kevin and Erica Ruth.

"Our consultations include an energy management plan design, utility bill analysis and cost/benefit analysis," Kevin Ruth said. "We offer links to professionals who help our clients make sustainable improvements."

Ruth said the company's eco-consulting service helps homeowners, green businesses, property managers and green real estate firms achieve a healthier lifestyle.

"Homeowners benefit from our expertise in energy conservation strategies, energy efficient lighting, water conservation, toxic-free living and indoor air quality. Business owners see added value in their workplace through recycling, green cleaning, office supply choices and smart-fleet strategies," he said. "Property managers and real estate investors are acutely aware of the importance of creating a competitive advantage. Qualified green upgrades can help them achieve this goal."

Alternative Housing Solutions is developing its ConnectMe™ database to help clients find sustainability professionals focused on quality service.

"We are affiliated with reputable contractors and design professionals. Our clients can feel peace of mind knowing they are working with experts who are committed to sustainability," he said. "We are screening businesses every week as we continue to build ConnectMe."

Erica Ruth provided the impetus for Alternative Housing Solutions to become a tenant in the Purdue Research Park.

"Erica discovered the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana and understood the importance of this strategic partnership and ongoing support," he said. "We have found the relationship to be one of continued partnership and assistance."