Engstom Jewelers Celebrates 41 Years of Serving the Community

New folder 41Engstrom Jewelers recently celebrated 41 years of business. The well-known jewelry store has been helping people with special moments in their lives for over four decades with no intention of stopping. Each year, March 17 serves as a day of dual celebrating as it's St. Patrick's Day as well as Engstrom Jeweler's official anniversary.

Since 1975, Greg Engstrom has been a proud business owner of the jewelry establishment. His entrepreneurial spirit has been with him for much longer, though. 

"It's a great feeling knowing that Engstrom Jewelers has been serving the Valparaiso community for the last 41 years," Greg Engstrom, owner of Engstrom Jewelers said. "As the city grows, we grow, and from the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey I can honestly say that I'm very happy with the direction we are going."

Valparaiso has been very good to Engstrom Jewelers and provided Greg and his team with great memories like a Le Vian® party, the sweet engagement story of Tom and Rebecca, their giving spirit toward ValPLAYso Park, when they helped rescued puppies find homes, the charity auction that they held for the American Heart Association, and who doesn't love it when Engstrom Jewelers hosts a Trunk Show

People travel from all over the region to Engstrom Jewelers because they know not only about the excellent quality and selection of the pieces within the store, but they also know about the solid reputation and high standards that the business upholds.

If you want to get a gorgeous and unique gift for yourself or someone special, then bring your business to the local business with longevity, Engstrom Jewelers.