Enhance the value of your real estate with the help of a CPM®

Enhance the value of your real estate with the help of a CPM®

Real estate is often seen as a great investment for creating passive income.  However, there is more to managing an investment property than simply depositing a rent check, and when that is realized, investors look for a property manager.  To ensure a property manager is qualified, the best candidates will have a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) designation.   

A CPM® designation indicates that the property manager has years of knowledge and experience under their belt. In order to become certified, a CPM® candidate must undergo a rigorous list of education requirements and evaluations and commit to the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Real Estate Management.   Education emphasizes asset management, risk management, maintenance management, marketing, leasing, and accounting, which are all essential to a property’s performance.  

While a CPM® can easily manage both commercial and residential real estate, the roles between the two differ slightly depending on the property type. Commercial properties, homeowners’ associations, and residential apartment communities will all have different investment goals as determined by the property owner or board of directors. The property manager will work with the owner or board to attain those goals while providing the best services for the tenants or homeowners. A CPM® recognizes that a well-managed property is crucial in terms of value and quality of life for residents and homeowners.  

1st American Management has been managing real estate for more than 30 years and currently manages properties throughout Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties.  They have four top-tier CPMs® on staff to assist clients no matter the property type or location. Each 1st American Management CPM® is client-focused and the company uses state-of-the-art software with an owner/resident portal to make information regarding the property easily accessible for all clients 

To learn more about 1st American Management and to make an appointment with a CPM® today, visit  1stpropertymanagers.com