Enjoy Lunch at Your Leisure at Shady Creek Winery

Enjoy Lunch at Your Leisure at Shady Creek Winery
By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: May 16, 2016

I’m the type that skips lunch. I go from breakfast to dinner with a snack somewhere in between. But I think that might change now that I’ve eaten lunch at Shady Creek Winery in Michigan City.

Shady Creek offers what they call “Leisure Lunch”. More than just a meal, Leisure Lunch is an experience that provides diners with great food in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

"The winery is a great place to unwind. People who are looking to have a relaxing experience can come and spend an hour or hour and a half with us," Tim Anderson, owner of Shady Creek Winery said. "The winery is a perfect setting for couples, girls getaway or business lunch as you can always find a quiet spot to relax."

You will never be rushed at Shady Creek. Spending time there is like spending time at an old friend’s home. The staff is friendly, down-to-earth, and very knowledgeable about their wine. They won’t hover about while you enjoy your meal, and they will never push you to leave.

“People like the laid-back feel that we have here. They come to relax and unwind with friends, enjoy a dinner date, a business lunch. It’s like coming to relax at a friends house,” Jenny Fisher, Special Events Coordinator at Shady Creek Winery said.

The Leisure Lunch menu is available until 2pm each day. Chef Jerome creates delicious dishes that include flavorful paninis served with fresh fruit and cheesy thin crust pizza, as well as Chef Joe's “Scartotozzi's at Shady Creek” Menu. This menu offers up wraps, fresh salads salads, savory fried perch, yummy sliders, stuffed chicken as well as other great entrees.

And let’s not forget about the Anytime Menu. As the name indicates, you can get items from this menu anytime. It includes Shady Creek’s Perfect Pairing Plates which can serve 2-3 people. You can get warm baked brie that is topped with an ice wine sauce and an accompaniment of sliced apples and warm, crusty bread. Try their new charcuterie plate (which is my favorite) - it's for those who like variety. Fresh fruits, cheeses, meats, crackers and mixed nuts are artfully plated and ready for your dining pleasure. You can pair chocolates with your wine if you have a sweet tooth, munch on flat breads topped with gooey cheese and fresh green salads, and more. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.

Dine outside on a warm summer day, bring a group and line the large wooden tables in the main dining area, chat with the staff at the bar, or have a private moment at a table for two up in the loft.

I heard one couple comment before they left that this was, “One of the most laid-back and fun wineries that we have ever been to.”

And I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. 

I felt welcome from the moment I entered the establishment to the moment I left. I sipped on a glass of White Caps and enjoyed the sun on my face as it streamed in through the windows. The staff never rushed me, in fact they joked with me and were a little sad to see me go.

For more information email info@shadycreekwinery.com call (219) 874-9463, or find Shady Creek Winery on Facebook or visit them on the web at www.shadycreekwinery.com.