Entrepreneur Panel at PCCTC Focuses on Future

By: Jake Sidwell Last Updated: February 22, 2011

Our own Chris Mahlmann of ValpoLife sat amongst four other like-minded individuals Tuesday afternoon for a Porter County Career and Technical Center-hosted entrepreneur panel. Each panelist stood and gave their own experiences and advice on both life and business, as fresh vision and information were shared along with more timeless business strategies, which have been used for decades.

Jim Paglia, owner of his business “Ins and Outs”, which he boasts is aptly named, spoke partial to a love for your business and a pursuit of ideas.

The solitary female panel speaker, Sue Grossbauer, emphasized the importance of the cultivating relationships.

Bart Vickrey carried a similar philosophy in trying to “surround himself with people who make him better”.

Of course, Chris Mahlmann emphasized the importance of being completely insane about what you're doing, but the need to maintain the balance of proper vision.

Lastly, Richard Marrell, an ex-navy medical specialist and ex-neurosurgeon, stressed the importance of having a single golden idea and following through on the execution of that idea.

As the panel ended, a few select students approached the entrepreneurs and continued to ask questions after the event was over, showing both their initiative and dedication. These are the kinds of students we’ll see hosting their own panel inthe years to come.