Eric Greiner Brings Quality Care and Synergy to Winfield Levin Tire & Service Center

Eric Greiner Brings Quality Care and Synergy to Winfield Levin Tire & Service Center
By: Anna Ortiz Last Updated: November 14, 2017

From the U.S. Air Force to police work to weaponry, Eric Greiner has now found a home in a different arena: making the car you drive every day run at it’s best. Greiner, new manager for the Winfield Levin Tire & Service Center, brings a lot to the table, connecting all of his previous experience to providing the best service in the area.

On the flip side, Levin Tire & Service Center has proved to be a perfect fit for Greiner’s passion for close-knit companies.

“I’ve always been about working for the small independent people,” Greiner said. “My last job was a family company, that’s what drew me here. In today’s world, the big corporate companies forget about their people and only care about bottom line. The small companies care about the individual no matter the role. Benefits are always at the top of the line rather than just profitability.”

Synergy and it’s mechanisms have always been a part of Greiner’s life, whether in how to run an effective team or making complex machinery. Prior to his time in the company, Greiner has worked in customer service and also spent time in the military, honing his mechanical skills. He was in the air force for more than six years and gained experience in weapon maintenance.

“With cars you have to understand all the intricate parts and how they work together to do something,” he said. “You have to have the parts working in unison. With weapons it’s very similar. You have parts that all have to do their job. When you’re thinking about why it’s not working, you can translate that over and figure out the issues. With weapons, it was the spring broken instead of spark plugs. I can correlate that in my head and that’s how I was able to learn cars so quickly.”

Greiner has just begun his time as a manager at the Winfield location, but has been with Levin Tire & Service Center since last July at the Crown Point location as assistant manager. For Greiner, making the move to the Winfield location has been a transition, but the team has made for a warm welcome.

“It's a little different. It’s closer to home for me,” Greiner said. “Quicker commute, there’s a great group of people that work here, everyone is really friendly and knows what they’re doing. Everyone gets along and tries to work their hardest every day.”

Like the inner workings of a vehicle, Greiner knows that every piece must fit like a puzzle in order to work. When it comes to managing a staff, each person makes up an important piece that makes the whole system run smoothly, which is what he appreciates about the company.

“[There’s a] sense of belonging,” Greiner said. “Everyone here belongs and we take care of our people. That’s one of the biggest things, is that we make sure we take care of our people.”

Starting up at the Winfield location, Greiner took care to open up dialogue with his new staff, collaborating on methods they feel work best at the shop.

“This is what I do that’s a bit different, and they all seem pretty open,” He said. “At the end of the day I want to take care of my people, and the customers up front. That’s what makes us successful and a leader in this industry.”

Levin Tire & Service Center, established in 1918, goes far beyond being a tire dealer in offering full service auto repair, including oil changes, brake repair, alignments, maintenance inspections, emissions testing and repair, tire rotations, tire repair and more.

“Levin has been around as long as they have and there's a sense of community, so its’ nice to be a part of that,” Greiner said. “People come in and you start learning about people's families and you learn about them. It’s nice to be an integral part of a community. It’s the same sense from Crown Point to Winfield. People have been bringing their cars here forever and you can relate to people. This store has been here for seven years, but it's the same thing developing.”