Every Year, Thousands of Potties are Victims of Cruel Fates, Johnny On The Spot Answers Their Cries

Every Year, Thousands of Potties are Victims of Cruel Fates, Johnny On The Spot Answers Their Cries

When you’re a potty, things can get rough. Fires and unlucky lightning strikes melt you into a flat, burnt crisp. Your once pristine toilet paper dispenser catches ablaze into a charred mess. A vehicle smashes into you, crumpling your once-sturdy plastic walls. Heavy winds roll you far from your home, and leave you damaged, in a muddy ditch. Not to mention the look of dejection you receive when an individual needing to relieve themselves comes upon your personal disaster zone; the world can be an unforgiving place.

Every year, thousands of potties are victim to weather, accidents, vandals, thieves, fire and more- and Johnny On the Spot does not turn a blind eye. In fact, they document every case of a fallen Johnny Potty with a solemn eye, in which they have shared some of their most brutal, photographed cases. Be warned, these photos are not for the faint hearted.

This is why Johnny on the Spot is rescuing potties and their customers from the perils that lie outdoors with their Damage Waiver Program.

In response to the cries of fallen waste receptacles and their melancholy owners, this waiver program eliminates high insurance deductibles in cases where disasters were out of the customer's hands. The waiver protects customers and their potties 24/7 for accidental damage, vandalism and destruction by fire, theft and more.

However, the waiver does not absolve customers of willful negligence or abuse of their portable unit, such as damage when moved by a non-employee of Johnny On The Spot, or placing the potty in a high-risk location. So treat your Johnny Potties right, they have enough to contend with.

In the case that a potty thief has struck and robbed you of your portable lavatory, you will need to file a police report within seven days of the incident. While lost or stolen people get the benefit of search parties, investigations and missing posters- unfortunately many potties are often lost to the hands of their kidnappers, whose motives one could only guess.

Paying for the damage waiver releases customers from liability with exception of a reasonable deductible, ranging from $100 to $250, which stacks up nicely compared to the $700 to up to $2,000 replacement cost for damaged or stolen potties. Johnny on the Spot also makes the program affordable with low monthly rates of $10 to $25 each billing cycle. The peace of mind one will get knowing they and their plastic outhouse of solitude are firmly protected against such atrocities at the hands of fate is, however, priceless.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call (574) 896-5424 or email orders@johnnypotty.com. For more information on the company and its services, visit www.johnnypotty.com.