Family and Youth Services Bureau Awarded “Strengthening Families Program” Grant

Van-Volkenburgh-Michelle-VolkThe Porter County Substance Abuse Council (PCSAC) has awarded the Family and Youth Service Bureau a $5,000 grant in support of the “Strengthening Families Program.” The program aims to prevent substance abuse through education and intervention. The curriculum is evidence based and geared toward high-risk youth (12-17 years old) and their families.

Teens that exhibit pre-substance abuse characteristics such as skill deficits, low self-esteem, pro-drug attitudes, low academic motivation, lack of peer refusal skills and rejection of pro-social norms are considered at-risk and candidates for the program. According to Chris Buyer, Chief Probation Officer and PCSAC Executive Council Treasurer, “the Porter County Probation Department has referred numerous families to the Strengthening Families Program with significant results.”

The grant allows Family and Youth Services Bureau to provide programming at no cost to eligible families that do not have the means to otherwise afford this necessary intervention. “The Porter County Juvenile Probation Department wholeheartedly supports the Strengthening Families Program,” said Buyer. This 14-week program is facilitated at the Valparaiso location and serves 30-35 youth annually or approximately 50-100 people depending on the size of the family.

If you would like additional information regarding the Strengthening Families Program, you may contact Family and Youth Service Bureau, Director of Clinical Services, Nancy Van Volkenburgh at 219-464-9585. Please visit Porter County Substance Abuse Council (219-462-0946) at or “Like” us on Facebook for additional information about available grants, scholarships, events and trending issues.

Picture: (L) Nancy Van Volkenburgh, Director of Clinical Services at Family and Youth Services Bureau receives a check for $5,000.00 from Michelle Volk, CEO of Great Lake Labs and President of the Porter County Substance Abuse Council for the continuation of the Strengthening Families Program.