Family Owned CompressAir Delivers Quality and Excellence

Family Owned CompressAir Delivers Quality and Excellence

Compressed air is not something that most of us think about in our day to day lives, but you’d be surprised how often we use the application of air under pressure.

Defined as air that is pressurized beyond one earth atmosphere, compressed air began in the 19th century with pneumatic drills and air brakes for trains. 

These days, compressed air is used for a variety of purposes ranging from air tools, HVAC systems, vehicle propulsion, energy storage, refrigeration, and scuba diving. With so many different uses, it can be easy to get lost when you find you need use of it.

CompressAir has been servicing the industrial compressed air industry in Northern Indiana and Chicagoland areas for over 30 years. They provide the most efficient and reliable products available to the market today for any industry ranging from medical, food and beverage, to general manufacturing.

Whether you need service or sales for stationary air compressors, portable or truck mount air compressors, medical air and vacuum, blowers, or air treatment, CompressAir has the experience necessary to make sure that you are taken care of.

The factory trained personnel and DOE-certified AirMaster on staff, CompressAir can analyse your system to provide the most accurate data possible and help reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and maintain your compressed air system. CompressAir provides around the clock technical service.

CompressAir can even perform an Air Audit on your current system to highlight your true operating cost and help identify ways to improve efficiency and reduce operating cost.

Family owned and operated, CompressAir’s mission is to provide excellent compressed air system sales and service. They pride themselves in the long-term relationships they have developed by focusing on outstanding customer service.

By continuing this focus on quality and excellent customer service for over 30 years, CompressAir has ensured that they will be the leaders in compressed air service and sales for many years to come.

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