FirstLight Home Care Provides Its Services To Wherever Clients Call Home

FirstLight Home Care Provides Its Services To Wherever Clients Call Home

First Light Home Care has been open for business in Valparaiso for the past 5 years. In those 5 years, the company has achieved franchise of the year for the past 2 consecutive years, and changed many lives.

“We’re excellent at what we do, because we care,” said Community Care Coordinator, Danielle Webb. “Caring is our calling. Period end of story. And in order to work us, you have to have that. I don’t make us what we are. The team does. It's a passion we all have. “

First Light is a company that provides at home assistance for many different varieties of clients. Clientele includes: seniors, those recuperating from injury or surgery, people with disabilities, veterans, busy mothers, and anyone who may request their services

“We have some clients that are actually very depressed. So, their family hires somebody to be a companion for them, because really they don’t have many friends.” Webb continues, “ But our main clientele is usually older adults. That's the range we target more. But we’re ready to help anyone that's in need.”

First Light’s primary clientele includes seniors who would prefer to stay at home,  rather than move into assisted living. Seniors who opt to move into assisted living or nursing homes, often have to sell their homes to meet the cost of aided residential living. First Light gives seniors the option to stay at home to receive the care they need.

“Let’s say your parents are getting older and it's getting hard for them to drive any more. Maybe it's just hard for him or her to wash dishes, or even bend over to do the laundry. If you keep her at home and check up on her a few times a week, maybe you’ll notice her memory is getting a little questionable, or she's not taking her medications. This is something we can assist with.” Webb said.

First Light’s care varies based on client needs, but the care worker typically visits their clients several times a week. By getting to know their clients and learning about them, they will know if additional care or resources are needed.

“The main reason (from my experience) that people end up in the hospital is because of lack of medication or lack of nutrition. Those are the two most valuable things. And of course lack of exercise, which is something else we can assist with. To have us come in early, maybe a couple days of week, a couple of hours a week, spending more now leads to spending less later.” 

First Light is not limited to home care. They also aid clients in assisted living as well.

“A client’s home may be at an assisted living place and we go there frequently. They do have that support in their assisted living building, but they might need someone to monitor their medications. Assisted living places can’t provide 2 or 3 hours in the morning for each resident when they have 80 residents in a building. So we would come in and provide that extra assistance for them.” Webb said.

Daniele agrees that loneliness has a major impact on a person’s health.

“We all live to die. Its a hard truth, but maintaining a quality of life is important. Sometimes just that little bit of contact and care is what a person needs. We care and we’ll keep doing what we do best“ said Webb.

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