Fit Body Boot Camp Comes to Chesterton to Help Community Get in the Best Shape of Their Lives

Fit Body Boot Camp Comes to Chesterton to Help Community Get in the Best Shape of Their Lives

Chesterton has an exciting new option available for those needing a good workout in a short amount of time! Fit Body Boot Camp Chesterton recently opened its doors to host their signature high-energy group workouts.

Designed to burn twice the calories in half the time, Fit Body Boot Camp fits a lot of work into a small time slot. Led by a fitness professional, the workouts aim to challenge at every level. Ian Bowen, owner of the facility, is excited to reach the Chesterton community.

“Our central goal is to help as many people in this community as possible get into the best shape of their life,” Bowen said. “We’re very upbeat, energetic, and our workouts are never the same. So, not only are we challenging your body, but we’re also keeping your mind engaged.”

For Bowen, physical fitness is a personal subject and inspires an empathetic view of those coming in for class. His focus is on positivity and encouragement, never degrading or yelling, to get results is one of the pillars that makes his business stand strong.

“We are all about positive reinforcement,” Bowen said. “I’m in a unique situation to know what it’s like to have mobility issues, to know what it’s like to gain unexpected weight, to know what it’s like to be unhappy with your physical performance and appearance. So, I can relate to a lot of our clients who are coming in the door, and that is something I pass on to my staff.”

No matter what motivates a client to come to class, Bowen and his team have something amazing prepared. With the ability to coach and challenge any fitness level, they are ready with tough workouts, modifications, and tips to help each attendee to do their best.

“We can modify for everything but [something] we are very clear about is modification does not mean you get to sit out,” Bowen said. “We are built on being coaches for people and what we’re working on is making someone realize that you can make changes and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

At the forefront of the entire business is a feeling of positivity. Encouragement and coaching is what makes Fit Body Boot Camp of Chesterton different from other gyms.

“When you walk through the front door, words like ‘can’t,’ ‘don’t,’ ‘won’t,’ and ‘try’ are gone. Those are all powerless words and lead to negativity,” Bowen said. “We want you to get a great workout, but we want you to feel at home here. Our goal here is to help many people in this community get into the best shape of their lives. That’s really important to me because nothing makes me happier than when we’re able to help someone see a change.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Fit Body Boot Camp Chesterton, visit their website here, or join them on October 20th for their grand opening celebration!