Five Individuals Recognized as ‘Outstanding’ Purdue Calumet Employees

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: June 1, 2015

Purdue University Calumet recently recognized five of its own as Outstanding Employees during the 2014-15 fiscal year.

Honored were Dean of the Honors College and Interim Dean of the College of Education John Rowan of Munster (Administrative Leader), Assistant Director of Facilities Systems and Utilities Rich Trznadel of Highland (Administrator), Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation Administrative Assistant Linda Robinson of Schererville (Operations Assistant), Physical Facilities Clerk Marla Ropp-Funk of Lowell (Clerical) and Instructional Technology Audio Visual Aids Technician Kevin Parli of Hammond (Service).

Outstanding Administrative Leader John Rowan
Rowan has served Purdue Calumet since 1997 as an administrator and professor of philosophy. “My approach as a leader is to do all I can to ensure that everyone around me—and especially the people who look to me as a leader—has every opportunity to succeed,” he said. “I believe that one of the best ways I can help our students is to help the faculty and staff who work with the students most directly.”

Outstanding Administrator Rich Trznadel
For 33 years, Trznadel has provided knowhow and expertise in various aspects of project development and maintenance of Purdue Calumet’s physical campus.

“When I look around at the students and realize all the hopes, time, money and trust they place in Purdue Calumet, it motivates me to do the very best for them,” he said. “I also take pride in what we have developed and accomplished in our pursuit of excellence, so that all who attend or visit our campus can see that we take pride in what we do.”

Outstanding Operations Assistant Linda Robinson
A university employee for more than four years, Robinson is administrative assistant of the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation, one of the most dynamic, cutting edge, research and learning facilities on campus.

“I was taught by my parents at a very young age to always give my very best to any job I was given, no matter what it was, and to continually strive to learn more,” she said. “This advice has served me well over the years and has led to a very successful and rewarding life.”

Outstanding Clerical Employee Marla Ropp-Funk
Though employed by Purdue Calumet for less than three years, Ropp-Funk has earned respect and recognition within her unit of Physical Facilities and across campus.

“I take my job personally, and I strive to do the best that I can do professionally,” she said. “If it is given to me, I take personal ownership of it, and it becomes mine.”

Outstanding Service Employee Kevin Parli
As a university employee for six years, Parli works primarily behind the scenes addressing audio-visual needs of faculty and staff members.

“In the simplest terms,” he said, “my job is ABC: Always Be Closing; to have grown my experience and built a base level of excellence comes from eating, breathing and living my craft.”