Five Kernels of Corn

Ears-of-CornFaith Memorial Lutheran Church, 753 N. Calumet Ave., Valparaiso, IN will hold a Thanksgiving Eve Service, November 27 at 7:00pm with the theme of “Five Kernels of Corn”. Chaplain Mike Porter will preside. The service will include familiar scripture readings and hymns.

The Five Kernels of Corn Legend

It was very cold for the Pilgrims that first winter
Food was in short supply.
Some days, they had only five kernels of corn.
When spring came, the Pilgrims planted the remaining corn.
The sun and rain helped the seeds to grow
And much food was harvested in the fall.
Every Thanksgiving thereafter, the Pilgrims placed
Five kernels of corn beside each plate
To remind them of their blessings.

The first kernel reminded them of the autumn beauty.
The second kernel reminded them of their love for each other.
The third kernel reminded them of their familys’ love.
The fourth kernel reminded them of their friends..
Especially their Indian brothers.
The fifth kernel reminded them of their freedom.

This Thanksgiving, let us all remember the blessings of our lives.
Count the kernels, court your blessings.

All are welcome to attend with their families and friends. For further information contact