Five reasons to make that well visit appointment

Five reasons to make that well visit appointment

If you’ve put off seeing your doctor for fear of catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus, Northwest Medical Group wants you to know it’s safe and important to come in.

Precautions for your safety include masking of all patients and providers, checking temperature of all clinic visitors, screening clinic staff, socially distanced seating in the reception area, and enhanced cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

“It’s important for members of our community to put their health first and to feel comfortable getting the care they need,” said Vinay Tumuluri M.D., internal medicine physician with Northwest Medical Group. “We know it’s been a challenging year and want to help patients stay on track with their health. An ongoing relationship with a provider you know and trust can help you make a plan to reach your health goals for the long term.”

Here are five reasons to make an appointment for your next well-visit or check-up without delay.

  1. Check on your general health. Your physician’s office has a record of your health metrics over time, including cholesterol, blood sugar, weight and others. If any numbers are trending in the wrong direction, your doctor can help you make a plan to get back on track with lifestyle changes, diet or medical treatment.
  2. Manage chronic conditions. Ongoing medical concerns, whether diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or others require regular monitoring by a healthcare provider to keep them from progressing to life-threatening levels. Regular checkups can help you avoid a medical crisis.
  3. Identify issues early with routine screenings. Physician offices keep records of your screening exams to help you remember when it’s time to get your colonoscopy, mammogram, bone density test, prostate exam and other screenings. Early identification of many illnesses can give you the most options for treatment and better outcomes.
  4. Stay current on vaccinations for your protection. While you’re hearing plenty of news about the COVID-19 vaccine, there are a number of other vaccinations to prevent disease as your immune system weakens over time. Flu shots annually. Tetanus shots every ten years. Vaccines for shingles and pneumonia and more. The practice will remind you when it’s time to get your immunizations.
  5. Keep prescriptions updated. Bring a full list of your medications, including any over-the-counter supplements or medicine, so your physician has a complete picture of what you’re taking. An annual review can identify possible side effects or medication conflicts.

“When patients put off seeking routine wellness visits or screenings there is a chance a serious condition

is going undetected. Heart disease and diabetes are examples of two common conditions that can be controlled when caught early. Even many cancers can be cured when detected early,” said Derek Gasper, D.O., family medicine physician with Northwest Medical Group. “Physician offices are taking all necessary precautions to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus and we want patients to know their doctor’s office is a safe environment to visit.”

Of course, the best reason of all is peace of mind about your health. Northwest Medical Group has more than 100 providers in convenient locations across Northwest Indiana to make it easy for you to access care.

If you need help finding a primary care physician visit to be connected with one of Northwest Medical Group’s qualified family medicine, internal medicine physicians.