Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service: Every Door, Every Time

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service: Every Door, Every Time

There is a phrase in the mailing world called Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM. The U.S. Post Office tweaked this style of mailing for the average business to use it in the last few years, however, Donna Flanagin of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service and her staff have been providing that service for years.

The service allows for businesses to mail an item to every single household. It has to go to every door, and the mailer cannot pick and choose, Flanagin explained. That said it is only good for some businesses and useless for others.

So, the local pizza chain sending out flyers of its special, tasty toppings will use it? The dry-cleaners? The car-wash shop?

“Yes,” Flanagin said. “A pizza place would be great for EDDM because anybody might love pizza.”

The every door means each door within a carriers’ route, which usually includes from 400 to 900 deliveries.

If using the EDDM service at the Post Office, the limitations on the mail have turned people away, Flanagin added. The Post Office requires the item to be bigger than a standard postcard or the typical size 10 envelope and has restrictions on how many items can be mailed at once. All mail must also be taken to the post office of delivery, Flanagin added, which can be excessive in price when trying to mail to adjacent cities.

But, for her business, the EDDM service extends to all who need it.

“We have been doing it for years, but for us as a Mail Service Providers (MSP), we can do it for whatever size mail piece and any quantity without limits,” she said. “That is the advantage of using an MSP.”

Confused about what qualifies?
Look through your daily mail. If there are any items without a direct address, and instead have the words, “Local Post Customer” where your name should be, that was sent via EDDM or a variation.

With EDDM, the mailer does not need the addresses because it is placed in every mailbox.

So why use this method?
The savings to use EDDM are quite high, Flanagin said.

A large flyer could cost $1.15 in postage but with EDDM, that postage amount drops to 15.5 cents, which saves the customer a dollar per piece.

With 400 to 900 items mailed, that is a huge savings, she said.

EDDM is only one type of service provided by Flanagin’s.

“We do all kinds of mail, EDDM is just one aspect,” she said.

“Targeted mail is mailing to a direct address… I mean we do all things that have to do with bulk mail.”

That includes mailing magazines, letters, postcards, EDDM, and years ago, the Flanagin’s staff mailed flip flops, she said. It was a flip flop and on it was written the ad for a local clothing store.

The rates for postage and mailing are changing January 22, which changes how much Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service will be able to save their customers.

But looking at last year’s numbers, no matter the rate changes, the amount saved is still drastic.

For the Porter County Parks and Recreation Department, Flanagin’s saved them about $56,000 on one mailing, which included EDDM type of mailing.

For the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce, Flanagin’s saved them about $23,000 on one mailing.

“There’s huge money that can be saved with EDDM,” she said. “It’s a great way to mail.”