Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service Saves $956,660 in Postage for Cherished Customers

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service Saves $956,660 in Postage for Cherished Customers
By: Contributor Last Updated: January 5, 2018

As we continue to celebrate the new year and look forward to what it brings each and every one of us, whether it's in the form of new opportunities or goals met, it’s important to look back on all that we accomplished in 2017. For staples in the community like Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, reflecting over the past year offers insight into a successful and customer-service driven 2017.

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service is a mailing service located in Valparaiso, Indiana that specializes in bulk mailing and saving customers money in postage. With experts in the newest software and numerous services, like designing products, preparing them for mailing, and getting customers’ merchandise to its destination with ease, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service has been the one-stop-shop for all of Valparaiso’s and the Region’s mailing needs.

And 2017 was not any different. This past year, Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service collectively saved customers an incredible $956,660.28 in postage savings, almost a $100,000 increase from 2016. This dedication to saving customers' money in postage, in other words, money that goes right back into their pockets, speaks to Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service goal of quality customer service.

“Customer service is really - and it’s not cliche - number one,” said Donna Flanagin, owner of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service. “If you don’t have good customer service, none of the rest really matters.”

Flanagins-logo-updatedThanks to Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service’s continuous commitment to great customer service and savings, Ideas in Motion Media and The Life Sites were able to send out Christmas cards to friends and partners around the Region this past holiday season with ease and without the hassle one may come across anywhere else.

“Donna helped us find the most cost-effective way to send good cheer this year to our partners and friends of The Life Sites,” said Stephanie Swearington, Business and Client Development Specialist for Ideas in Motion Media.

Flanagins-bulkmail-fairiesAnd while 2017’s savings for Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service customers were unprecedented, the company has big goals for 2018 and plans to save customers a collective $1 million in postage, a goal that proves that Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service not only has faith in its services, but also pushes itself to be the very best for customers around Valparaiso and the Region.

For more information about Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service and the services it provides, please visit www.mybulkmail.com.